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Landscope Surveyors Limited wins 2 Government Tender Bids

Landscope Surveyors is pleased to announce that it has recently won two tender bids for the Government’s Express Link Project and Development Projects (namely MTK/1/001 and TKW/1/001) Consultancy Services for Disturbance Loss under the supervision of the Lands Department. Landscope Surveyors takes an important role in offering its consultancy services in two main areas: (1) Assessment of Disturbance Loss; and (2) Preparation of Rule 20 Reports to the Lands Tribunal, should disagreements arise between parties and fail to reach a consensus.

Our Track Records

Recognition for Landscope Surveyors’s success has once again shown to the market that it leads the way in the field of Land Resumption and Compensation Matters. With its vast expertise spanning over a long and successful history, countless fruitful negotiations for clients in all capacities, be it small entrepreneurs or large corporations, have been concluded; and numerous compensation assessments represented through its expert witnesses in the courts of law.

“We definitely have what it takes to face new challenges ahead. Infrastructure-wise, disturbance claims will always play a vital role in shaping a better Hong Kong. Our special knowledge, profound expertise and enviable track records of the relevant statutory ordinances definitely help our clients tremendously,” says Cliff Lau, Executive Director of Landscope Surveyors Limited.