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Landscope enjoys an excellent reputation with a leading position in the luxury property market in Hong Kong since its establishment in 1995. It possesses the most comprehensive database of 120,000 affluent clients who form the tip top of Hong Kong's seven million populations, and a unique database of China's 2,000 billionaires.

Established in 1995, Landscope enjoys an excellent reputation with a leading position in the luxury property market in Hong Kong. It possesses the most comprehensive database of 120,000 affluent clients who form the tip top of Hong Kong's seven million populations, and a unique database of China's 2,000 billionaires.

The Landscope team comprises only the best salespeople in the industry. The average sales experience is over 13 years. With its highly respected team constantly praised for their professionalism, integrity and service attitude, the Company has set many records in Hong Kong's real estate history. In 1997, it made the record sale of Hong Kong's largest single house at HK$728.8 million (6-10 Black's Link, The Peak). In 2000, it brokered the sale of the largest purpose-built apartment for HK$162 million (The Penthouse at Aigburth, Mid-levels), setting a historical record for apartment. The following year, Landscope handled the leasing of the second largest purpose-built apartment (The Penthouse at Tregunter III, Mid-levels).

The pioneering website, www.landscope.com, is the most respected property website in Hong Kong, recognised by Web Marketing Association in the US with a Standard of Excellence award in 2009. The website incorporates many cutting-edge technologies and web solutions. The Landscope Databank, a self-developed property database featuring state-of-the-art technology, is also amongst the most advanced in the property agency industry.

The Key, a monthly magazine by Landscope mailed to over 60,000 VIP clients, has the largest circulation amongst all property related and lifestyle publications in Hong Kong. It is the first of its kind in the Hong Kong market and has been maintaining its leading position by constantly upgrading the design and contents.

The professional services arm, Landscope Surveyors, is the leading expert in business disturbance claims and statutory compensation claims. The firm has been engaged in numerous claim cases representing either the private sector or the government, and its expert opinion and methodology have been adopted by the courts in various precedent-setting legal cases. The surveyors are often employed to carry out property valuations for diversified purposes including listing valuation, mergers and acquisitions, disposal, rating, stamp duties and tax computations. They also frequently advise on investment strategies, planning approvals, development proposals and feasibility studies.

Senior Management

Key Persons

Real Estate Agency

Residential Sales

Landscope specialises in top-end luxury residential properties in Hong Kong, including single residences, detached houses, townhouses, duplexes and large apartments.

We have a significant and differentiated presence in the market and have to date maintained two sales records in Hong Kong, namely the most valuable house (HK$728.8 million or US$93 million) and the most valuable and the biggest apartment (HK$162 million or US$20.7 million).

Landscope comprises some of the most sought-after and experienced sales negotiators in the Hong Kong market.

Residential Leasing

With Landscope leading position in the top-end luxury market, we are able to obtain first-hand information from landlords and tenants alike. Coupled with our intelligent information system and the resourceful, service-oriented leasing team, we provide impeccable services to clients with the aid of advanced IT applications.

To illustrate, Landscope brokered the lease of the second biggest apartment in Hong Kong.

Investment Agency

The ultimate form of property transactions is investment acquisition/disposal with properties bought for their inherent values and potential future values. A substantial amount of information analysis, projections, refurbishment plans, development appraisals, marketing proposals and strategic advice are expected from an investment agent.

Landscope excels in this sector, and is responsible for some of the landmark deals in Hong Kong's real estate history. The senior management has always developed and maintained close relationships with the major market players, including local investors and international investment funds. Our team is also fully equipped to take on the new, ever-changing challenges in the property market that has come into play in the globalisation movement.

Tenders & Auctions

Tenders and auctions are common forms of property disposal, especially when fiduciary duties are involved or market competition dictates.

Landscope is one of the most experienced and successful property agencies in this specialist field. We have sold numerous single houses, townhouses, apartments, penthouses, development sites, shops, office blocks and residential blocks by way of tenders and auctions, and are frequently appointed by mortgagee banks in tender sales of foreclosed properties.

Development Consultancy

Nearly all private land in Hong Kong are leaseholds. The use and development of these lands are controlled by government leases, building regulations and town planning ordinances. In the context of property developments, expertise is required to assist landowners and developers to maximise development potential under the constraints of government lease conditions, town planning and building regulations. Development surveyors' professional knowledge and experience help clients understand the underlying risks and appreciate the potential values.

At Landscope, we have diverse and extensive experience in site planning, land use analysis and development appraisals. We also have the expertise to provide professional planning advice ranging from small-scale change of land use to comprehensive large-scale site development/redevelopment; and from temporary land use to permanent development.

Preliminary Advice

We provide general planning advice for land development. This includes the identification of development potential of a site and the maximisation of land use from the client's perspective.

Section 16 Planning Application / Section 17 Planning Review

We prepare and consolidate for clients all types of development planning applications, ranging from temporary uses for open storage/parking facilities, change of use within industrial buildings, small house developments, residential developments, commercial/office/hotel uses, academic/hotel developments to government/institution/community uses, etc.

Rezoning Request

We request, on behalf of the client, for amendments of the statutory plan in order to facilitate the implementation of development proposals (e.g. the rezoning of “G/IC” zone or the amendment of the statutory notes of the zoning plan to accommodate the client's intended proposed land uses, etc). This also includes the "upzoning" proposal to intensify the development potential of the client's site.

Objection to Statutory Plans

We assist clients in lodging objections for potential new developments and redevelopments affected by the gazettal of outline zoning plans in urban areas and rural New Territories based on the client's intention.

Discharge of Planning Condition

We provide professional service to monitor and follow-up subsequent to receiving planning approvals. This includes the coordination for the fulfillment of planning conditions to the satisfaction of various government departments to avoid unnecessary lapsing of the planning permission.

Planning Studies

We are capable of providing planning input to a wide range of land use planning and development feasibility studies commissioned by the government and the private sector through data collection, site analysis and setting up of planning parameters.

Master Layout Planning

We have the multi-disciplinary skills and extensive project experience to assist both the private and public sectors in the coordination of planning studies and preparation of Conceptual Master Plans / Land Use Plans for projects in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

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Landscope is a reputed company that boasts an elite selection of properties, unparalleled service and expertise, as well as international acclaim.

Our core values are based on passionate expertise, exceptional customer service, strong business acumen, personal integrity, teamwork, and innovation, which are the vital qualities of our members of staff.

If you feel that our core values describe you and you enjoy an exciting, challenging business environment, we look forward to receiving your application.

Currently, we are expanding our domestic Hong Kong market sales and leasing agency and are also looking for competent salespersons to join our International Project Marketing division. If you think you are eligible please email [email protected] or call Loretta Lui on +852 2152-4818.

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