Everything about Landscope Christie's International Real Estate and the Hong Kong luxury property market

Buying Ginza

Ginza, Omotesando and Shibuya will be spotlighted in Landscope Christie's upcoming 5th Tokyo Property Exhibition as prime retail real estate investment destinations.

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Sunshine Kisses and Surfer's Paradise in Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia, is once again of the most livable cities of the world for the 5th year in the row in 2015. The success of the city's urban growth boundary has led to more job opportunities than any other Australian city while sustaining a strong economic growth rate. It is no surprise for a city full of culture, entertainment, excellent healthcare and hot weather to be such a popular choice for overseas investors.

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Why Tokyo Should Be Your Next Property Investment

Landscope Christie's in partnership with Mitsui Fudosan Realty will host the 5th exhibition of Tokyo investment properties on June 16 & 17.

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Fit for a King, especially in Bangkok!

Similar to the Royal Family in UK as mentioned in the previous blog (read more here), a royal presence has also ruled Thailand for centuries. The Chakri Dynasty is the current ruler of Kingdom of Thailand since 1782. Thailand's Grand Palace in Bangkok is the official residence of the King, which doesn't only have living quarters, but also made up of halls, pavilions around lawns, gardens and courtyards. Some of this is even available to public as a museum! With such luxurious and comfortable living fit for the King, you can only expect the best in Bangkok!

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The Hub for Creativity and Innovation in Manchester

Manchester has always welcomed the Royal Family in more than many ways, such as lighting Manchester’s beacon in celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday this year. It was also a pleasant surprise for the couple to receive the Queen attending their wedding in Manchester. With a place so close to the Queen’s heart, it is no wonder that Manchester is thriving so well.

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