Everything about Landscope Christie's International Real Estate and the Hong Kong luxury property market

The Heartfelt Pioneer - The Key

A 'Key' plays an important role as a pivotal tool that opens up doors. To luxury apartment owners, a key connects them to their safe haven – to their home. To Landscope, a key, or more aptly, The Key – Landscope’s luxury property publication – connects the company to their valued clients. Since its inception in 2003, The Key magazine has continued to grow and prosper. Today, we are privileged to be speaking with Landscope’s Managing Director, KS Koh, on the key to their success.

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Hong Kong -- Landscope Realty Ltd. (, the leading luxury real estate specialist in Hong Kong, wins a Standard of Excellence Award in the 13th Annual WebAward Competition from Web Marketing Association for its outstanding achievement in web development.

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Growing Pains

The Hong Kong luxury residential market is a truly unique mechanism, with its very own market conditions, strengths and limitations. With a dearth of new land on which to build new luxury residential housing, demand outstrips supply when it comes to deluxe property exceeding 2,000 square feet. So while the rich have continued looking for, and buying, plush, luxury accommodation to call their own –therefore pushing up prices – in stark contrast, rising unemployment and wage cuts have weakened demand causing residential rents to be pushed down further.

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Bull or Bear?

Despite declining rentals, sale prices of all luxury properties have recorded varying degrees of gain. High quality properties in sought after locations like The Peak, Southside and Midlevels have reclaimed more than the losses due to financial tsunami. Successful transactions of big properties involving more than $100 million are a strong manifest of the level of confidence. Rental yields on these luxury properties have slid to below 2% per annum, meaning that investors are more than willing to take rentals that are lower than mortgage payments, because they believe in the long term growth potential of this type of property.

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Unexpected Surge

The property market has once again defied gravity. On the back of a strong stock market surge since last March. the property market in general has outperformed other sectors. Primary sales were brisk. a scene not seen for more than a year. Sino Land's Lake Silver in Ma On Shan sold more than 70% of the total units within a week. with buyers queuing up outside the sales office until beyond midnight.

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