January 3, 2012
Mid range collections

With economic uncertainties hovering, selling prices are softening especially in the mid range. This week, our KeyPersons will introduce to you some of these attractive offers in the Midlevels.

Beauty Court
西半山 雅苑

1,787 s.f.
For Sale: HK$ 21,000,000
82 Robinson Road, Midlevels West
Practical 3-bedroom flat with balcony and open city view

The Royal Court
中半山 帝景閣

1,428 s.f.
For Sale: HK$ 21,500,000
For Lease: HK$ 70,000
3 Kennedy Road, Midlevels Central
Cozy apartment on fringe of Central overlooking Hong Kong Park
Walker Lam 9551 1077
Elaine Chow 9229 2396

Botanic Terrace
西半山 芝蘭台

1,300 s.f.
For Sale: HK$ 21,500,000
For Lease: HK$ 100,000 incl.
3-5 Conduit Road, Midlevels West
A designer gem on convenient Conduit Road

Flora Garden
渣甸山 慧景園

1,518 s.f.
For Sale: HK$ 23,500,000
7 Chun Fai Road, Jardine's Lookout
Nicely decorated family flat in Jardine's Lookout
Michelle Chung 9833 9509
Walker Lam 9551 1077

Skyline Mansion
西半山 年豐園

1,543 s.f. (plus 1402 s.f. roof)
For Sale: HK$ 25,000,000
51 Conduit Road, Midlevels West
Penthouse with well decorated and stylish roof top

Serene Court
西半山 秀麗閣

2,334 s.f.
For Sale: HK$ 31,800,000
8 Kotewall Road, Midlevels West
Practical 4-bedroom apartment with good layout in Midlevels West
William Tam 6655 4488
William Tam 6655 4488

Stubbs Villa
東半山 詩濤花園

2,325 s.f.
For Sale: HK$ 32,000,000
2 Shiu Fai Terrace, Midlevels East
Modern designed and decorated 4-bedroom flat with open city view

Fairlane Tower
中半山 寶雲山莊

1,744 s.f.
For Sale: HK$ 33,000,000
2B Bowen Road, Midlevels Central
Bright and airy spacious flat in tree-lined neighborhood
Rowena Siu 9348 4118
Rowena Siu 9348 4118

Cavendish Heights
渣甸山 嘉雲臺

1,907 s.f.
For Sale: HK$ 35,000,000
For Lease: HK$ 80,000 incl.
27-37 Perkins Road, Jardine's Lookout
Well decorated flat in family-oriented estate with swimming pool and tennis courts

11 MacDonnell Road, Midlevels Central
中半山 麥當勞道 11 號

2,313 s.f.
For Sale: HK$ 36,000,000
Unique apartment with high privacy at convenient location
Cora Ko 6330 7888
Elaine Chow 9229 2396

Medallion Heights
西半山 金徽閣

2,050 s.f. (plus 1500 s.f. roof)
For Sale: HK$ 38,000,000
45 Conduit Road, Midlevels West
Tastefully decorated 3-bedroom penthouse with open green view in tranquil location

Tregunter Tower
中半山 地利根德閣

3,050 s.f.
For Sale: HK$ 39,000,000
14 Tregunter Path, Midlevels Central
Large and spacious 4-bedroom apartment with comprehensive facilities
Stephen Chan 9093 3381
Jenson Au 9028 0147

Po Garden
中半山 寶園

2,594 s.f. (plus 165 s.f. terrace)
For Sale: HK$ 39,800,000
9 Brewin Path, Midlevels Central
Newly renovated flat in tranquil location of Midlevels Central

Broadwood Twelve
跑馬地 樂天峰

1,650 s.f.
For Sale: HK$ 40,300,000
For Lease: HK$ 96,000 incl.
12 Broadwood Road, Happy Valley
Brand new luxury apartment enjoying stunning views
Stella Lo 9809 8570
Teresa Lau 9080 6686

Dragon View
中半山 龍景樓

2,500 s.f.
For Sale: HK$ 45,000,000
39 MacDonnell Road, Midlevels Central
Spacious designer decorated apartment situated on fringe of CBD

Villa Monte Rosa
東半山 玫瑰新村

2,300 s.f.
For Sale: HK$ 45,000,000
41A Stubbs Road, Midlevels East
Large family apartment on upper Stubbs Road
Michelle Chung 9833 9509
Cora Ko 6330 7888

Hong Villa
中半山 峰景花園

1,916 s.f.
For Sale: HK$ 45,000,000
12 Bowen Road, Midlevels Central
Designer decorated spacious apartment with city view

The Colonnade
東半山 嘉崙臺

2,141 s.f.
For Sale: HK$ 46,000,000
152 Tai Hang Road, Midlevels East
Nicely decorated 3-bedroom apartment with stunning views
Teresa Lau 9080 6686
Stephen Chan 9093 3381

中半山 騰皇居

2,030 s.f.
For Sale: HK$ 46,000,000
10A Tregunter Path, Midlevels Central
3-bedroom designer decorated luxury flat in Midlevels Central

Wisdom Court
西半山 慧苑

1,854 s.f. (plus 1342 s.f. roof)
For Sale: HK$ 48,000,000
5 Hatton Road, Midlevels West
Nicely decorated 3-bedroom apartment with internal stairs to private roof top
Teresa Fung 9138 1621
Mark Mak 6838 2929
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