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May 29, 2007 View Finders It's true that we are losing much of the blue sky we used to have. But on certain days like today we still manage to see white clouds patched on a blue atmosphere above the stretch of sea. To savour these good things in life while you can means you need to have a domicile that takes in an enticing sea view, such as Repulse Bay. This week, check out what sea view properties are on offer in this sought after location.
Grand Garden
淺水灣 華景園
61 South Bay Road, Repulse Bay
Tastefully decorated 3-bedroom apartment with excellent facilities. 1,657 s.f. SOLE AGENT
For Sale: $ 15,000,000
Mary Li 9011-6595
South Bay Towers
淺水灣 南灣大廈
59 South Bay Road, Repulse Bay
Nicely decorated sea view flat with facilities. 1,433 s.f.
For Sale: $ 15,500,000
Mary Li 9011-6595
Repulse Bay Garden
淺水灣 麗景園
18-40 Belleview Drive, Repulse Bay
Practical two-bedroom apartment close to Repulse Bay Beach. 1,780 s.f.
For Sale: $ 21,000,000
David Leung 9199-0672
Tropicana Court
淺水灣 康南閣
45 South Bay Close, Repulse Bay
Large 4-bedroom flat with high privacy on tranquil South Bay Close. 2,500 s.f.
For Sale: $ 21,000,000
Rita Lee 9437-0087
Repulse Bay Garden
淺水灣 麗景園
18-40 Belleview Drive, Repulse Bay
Practical flat with huge balcony overlooking Repulse Bay Beach. 2,288 s.f.
For Sale: $ 24,000,000
Teresa Lau 9080-6686
Ruby Court
淺水灣 嘉麟閣
55 South Bay Road, Repulse Bay
Serene sea view apartment on South Bay Road. 2,200 s.f.
For Sale: $ 28,000,000
Teresa Lau 9080-6686
Villa Helvetia
淺水灣 雲濤別墅
69 Repulse Bay Road, Repulse Bay
Rare colonial apartment with fascinating sea view. 2,200 s.f.
For Sale: $ 29,000,000
Christine Chong 9648-6082
Sea Cliff Mansions
淺水灣 海峰園
19A-D Repulse Bay Road, Repulse Bay
Tastefully decorated apartment on upper Repulse Bay Road. 2,400 s.f.
For Sale: $ 29,800,000
Mary Li 9011-6595
Ridge Court
淺水灣 冠園
21A-D Repulse Bay Road, Repulse Bay
Hillside apartment with sweeping view of Deep Water Bay. 2,300 s.f.
For Sale: $ 30,000,000
Rita Lee 9437-0087
Celestial Garden
淺水灣 詩禮花園
5 Repulse Bay Road, Repulse Bay
Prestigious 4-bedroom flat on upper Repulse Bay Road. 2,375 s.f.
For Sale: $ 35,000,000
Christine Chong 9648-6082
Grand Garden
淺水灣 華景園
61 South Bay Road, Repulse Bay
Sought after 4-bedroom sea view apartment with 3-ensuites. 3,054 s.f.
For Sale: $ 36,000,000
Teresa Fung 9138-1621
Somerset, The
淺水灣 怡峰
67 Repulse Bay Road, Repulse Bay
Well decorated duplex with views of Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay. 2,464 s.f.
For Sale: $ 38,800,000
David Leung 9199-0672
Royal Garden
淺水灣 聚豪居
27 Repulse Bay Road, Repulse Bay
Hillside 4-bedroom apartment with breathtaking view of Deep Water Bay. 2,680 s.f.
For Sale: $ 43,000,000
Stephen Chan 9093-3381
Park Place
淺水灣 雅柏苑
7 Tai Tam Reservoir Road, Repulse Bay
Luxurious apartment on upper Repulse Bay Road with distance harbour view. 2,288 s.f.
For Sale: $ 45,000,000
Stephen Chan 9093-3381

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