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House Appeal April 03, 2007
No matter how you look at it, house still ranks first for most people when it comes to choosing a living space. The privacy and prestige are always unrivalled. You have also the benefit of a garden or a terrace to fully enjoy life. This week, talk to the KeyPersons and see what rental houses are on offer in various locations.
The Beachfront
淺水灣 壁池
7 Belleview Drive, Repulse Bay
Prestigious hillside townhouse with sweeping view of Repulse Bay Beach. 3,000 s.f. (plus 200 s.f. terrace) For Lease: $ 80,000
Carmel Hill
赤柱 海明山
12 Carmel Road, Stanley
Mediterranean style sea view house with private garden. 2,395 s.f. (plus 406 s.f. garden) For Lease: $ 95,000 For Sale: $ 33,000,000
Christine Chong 9648-6082
Rowena Siu 9348-4118
Sunshine Villa
山頂 陽光花園
48 Mount Kellett Road, The Peak
Boutique townhouse with deluxe decorations on The Peak. 2,300 s.f. (plus 929 s.f. garden) For Lease: $ 100,000 For Sale: $ 46,000,000
Evergreen Garden
壽臣山 松柏花園
18 Shouson Hill Road, Shouson Hill
Newly renovated garden townhouse in tranquil environment. 2,106 s.f. (plus 1,591 s.f. garden) For Lease: $ 138,000
Stephen Chan 9093-3381
Mary Li 9011-6595
3-3E Shouson Hill Road, Shouson Hill
Spacious practical 5-bedroom house with huge private garden. 3,220 s.f. (plus 5,800 s.f. garden) For Lease: $ 140,000
45 Island Road, Deep Water Bay
深水灣 香島道45號
Prestigious sea view townhouse on Island Road. 2,719 s.f. (plus 731 s.f. garden) For Lease: $ 150,000 For Sale: $ 62,000,000
Mary Li 9011-6595
Teresa Fung 9138-1621
Pinewaver Villas
舂坎角 松濤小築
35 Ching Sau Lane, Chung Hom Kok
Tastefully decorated townhouse splendid view of Stanley Bay. 3,600 s.f. (plus 700 s.f. garden) For Lease: $ 150,000 For Sale: $ 42,000,000
La Hacienda
山頂 加列山道29-33號
29-33 Mount Kellett Road, The Peak
Bright and airy garden house with fantastic sea view. 3,200 s.f. For Lease: $ 160,000 For Sale: $ 69,000,000
Stephen Chan 9093-3381
Rowena Siu 9348-4118
12A South Bay Road, Repulse Bay
淺水灣 南灣道12號A
Modern townhouse with full sea view and private swimming pool. 4,603 s.f. For Lease: $ 168,000
Manderly Garden
深水灣 文禮苑
48 Deep Water Bay Road, Deep Water Bay
Highly sought after family garden townhouse in serene location. 3,504 s.f. For Lease: $ 170,000 For Sale: $ 60,000,000
Rowena Siu 9348-4118
Teresa Fung 9138-1621
63 Deep Water Bay Road, Deep Water Bay
Prestigious townhouse in gated community. 3,479 s.f. (plus 828 s.f. garden) For Lease: $ 175,000
Ming Villas
壽臣山 明園
39B-F Shouson Hill Road, Shouson Hill
Modern design townhouse in rural setting. 4,258 s.f. (plus 250 s.f. terrace) For Lease: $ 180,000 For Sale: $ 88,000,000
Teresa Fung 9138-1621
Stephen Chan 9093-3381
32 Repulse Bay Road, Repulse Bay
Rare on market extraordinary garden house on Repulse Bay Road. 3,000 s.f. For Lease: $ 190,000
9 Coombe Road, The Peak
山頂 甘道9號
Newly decorated house on serene Coombe Road. 3,300 s.f. (plus 400 s.f. terrace) For Lease: $ 205,000
Louis Wong 9871-6828
Sami Woo 9493-8275
34 Island Road, Deep Water Bay
深水灣 香島道34號
Deep Water Bay waterfront house with private swimming pool. 4,200 s.f. (plus 1,165 s.f. garden) For Lease: $ 280,000
Regalia Bay
赤柱 富豪海灣
88 Wong Ma Kok Road, Stanley
Luxuriously decorated director house with huge garden. 5,742 s.f. (plus 3,067 s.f. garden) For Lease: $ 330,000 For Sale: $ 92,000,000
Louis Wong 9871-6828
Candy Wong 8201-7711

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